anupama written update:8th September 2023 Written Update

anupama written update: Today’s Anupama 8th September 2023 episode starts with Anupama and Anuj going to the police station and meeting the police to lodge a complaint against Adhik.

Anuj says that he has talked with the ACP and he has guaranteed that the police will take strict action regarding the matter while Anupama continues to have a nervous breakdown.

Telling Anupama to control herself as she needs to be strong for the entire Shah family, Anuj asks Anupama to stop crying but Anupama says that Adhik has done something to Pakhi.

Meanwhile, Adhik comes barging at Romil and asks him where Pakhi is while holding his collar as he lied about Pakhi being with him earlier.

Romil stays relaxed and asks Adhik to stop acting so concerned as no one would believe his act and think of him as the main villain for his deeds.

Adhik says that he will complain against Romil to the police to which Romil replies that he would tell the police about the violence Adhik committed with Pakhi which will make sure that Adhik goes to jail.

Just then, Vanraj comes there and grabs Adhik’s collar tightly asking him to reveal where Pakhi is and what he has done with her along with Samar and Toshu standing behind.

Adhik gets scared seeing Vanraj’s haunting expression and says that he does not know anything about Pakhi while Vanraj keeps his composition and asks Adhik again to tell the truth.

Barkha comes and asks Vanraj to leave Adhik as he does not know where Pakhi is and it is not their fault that Pakhi did not reach the Shah house after leaving the Kapadia mansion.

Vanraj tells Adhik that he will kill him if anything happens to Pakhi while Adhik says that it might be because of Anupama as Pakhi warned her that she would do something extreme the previous day.

The police come and ask Adhik to come with them as a complaint had been lodged against him and he needs to come with them as per the procedure.

Anuj and Anupama appear and Anupama says that she is the one who lodged the complaint as she needs her daughter back.

Barkha requests Anupama to take back the complaint as Adhik is not a person to do such a thing but Anupama refuses to take back her complaint and the police take Adhik with them.

Meanwhile, Leela continues to call Vanraj to find out what happened suddenly which made him, Toshu, and Samar rush to Anupama’s house.

Anupama tells Anuj that she needs her daughter as soon as possible and it is because of her one mistake that she is seeing such a time while almost fainting.

Vanraj says that it is perhaps because of Anupama that Pakhi is missing as she pushed Pakhi too much by interfering in her marriage.

Anupama asks if she was supposed to see the violence silently to which Vanraj tells her that she should have pushed Pakhi a bit less.

As Vanraj questions Anupama’s responsibilities, Anupama asks him why he did not do anything as the father and explains to Pakhi about the situation.

Anupama says that she did what she thought was right and love can go away the moment a man decides to touch the woman’s face forcefully.

Vanraj says that he is not blaming Anupama but wants to say that she should have not pressured Pakhi so much to which Anupama says that her only fault is that she did not go to the police earlier.

Anupama shouts that she is not a mother who wants to destroy her daughter’s life while Anuj tries to handle Anupama by holding her from sinking to the floor.

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