Anupama Written Update 14th September 2023

Anupama Written Update 14th September 2023

Anupama Written Update;The opening scene of the Anupama episode for September 14th, 2023, features Malti Devi bending down to have a better look at Pakhi, who squints her eyes to focus on Malti Devi’s face.

Everyone is concerned about Pakhi’s whereabouts in the meantime when Anupama suddenly senses Pakhi is nearby and informs Anuj of it.

Anuj believes Anupama is dreaming once more and assures her that it is untrue, but everyone is astonished when Malti Devi enters with Pakhi.

When Anupama spots Pakhi in front of her, her face lights up, and she rushes up to embrace the girl while Malti Devi looks on bewildered.

Malti Devi immediately collapses, and the family members carry her inside to rest after Anuj senses her condition and hears her report that Pakhi was found unconscious on the streets.

Pakhi looks confusedly at Anupama and the people standing alongside her as she is led to her room and forced to lie on the bed after changing her clothes.

Pakhi tries to ask Anupama what’s happening and how she got into this situation, but Anupama tells Pakhi to hold off and relax for the time being.

After asking Anupama if he may have some time with Pakhi, Adhik asks her to leave the room. Adhik then rushes back in and gives Pakhi a teary-eyed hug.

Adhik, who is sobbing and screaming, tells Pakhi that he has injured her deeply and that he was terrified when she went missing earlier.


Pakhi pats Adhik on the head and tells him to stop worrying since she is okay now. Adhik makes a commitment to never again hurt Pakhi.

Romil, who is simultaneously relieved that Pakhi has returned and terrified that no one will ever forgive him for what he did, buryes his head in his hands and cries in his bed.

According to Pakhi, the staff provided her with an air-conditioned room, meals every few hours, and sleeping medications only when she began wailing at night.

Adhik informs Pakhi that Malti Devi took her home and that Romil was solely responsible for calling and capturing her in order to get revenge on them.

When Vanraj, Leela, Hasmukh, Samar, and Toshu arrive to greet Pakhi, he tenderly strokes her while feeling relieved to know that his daughter is unharmed.

Everyone congregates in the living room after Anupama and Anuj check on Malti Devi and let her to fall asleep. Anuj then declares that he would not have left Romil standing if Pakhi had not come back.

Ankush interrupts Vanraj and begs him not to take Romil to the police after Vanraj claims that Romil would be punished for what he did and takes his collar to take him there.

Infuriated by Romil’s claim that he merely intended to play a joke on Pakhi, Vanraj orders Ankush to strike Romil as a form of retribution.

Anupama approaches Malti Devi and tries to touch her, but she smacks her hand away and appears perplexed as Malti Devi wonders what’s going on.

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Anuj and Anupama advise Adhik to keep quiet as he tries to interject as Vanraj asks Ankush if he can comprehend his suffering as a father.

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