Anupama Written Update 15th September 2023

Anupama Written Update

Anupama Written Updates:Starting off the Anupama episode of September 15, 2023, Anupama is a little taken aback by Malti Devi’s unexpected response to being touched.

Everyone is unsure if the woman they are witnessing is Malti Devi because she doesn’t have anything like the strict and endearing aura of the Malti Devi they have previously encountered.

When Anupama introduces herself as Anupama and asks Malti Devi whether she recognizes her, Malti Devi makes a bewildered expression and walks away.

Anupama tries to find out how Malti Devi ended up on the streets and about her health, but Malti Devi only asks if the girl from before is okay and doesn’t seem to comprehend.

Pakhi is still considering Adhik telling her that Romil was responsible for everything, as well as the repercussions Romil must be facing for orchestrating a situation that spiraled out of control.

Despite feeling a little lightheaded, Pakhi gets up and makes the proper choice.

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